GCH Afara Ultraviolet


Ula on the move!

**Ula finished her Grand Championship going BOS under Judge Garry Newtown in Woodstock, IL on June 2nd – thank you for this win! Ula is my first Grand Championship, owner-handled to every GCH point except for one 3 pt major (handled by Jill Raugh for this major/competition win – thank you Jill!!).**

A huge thank you to Paul Chen for letting Ula come live with us!

Paul began showing Ula over the summer, and put 13 points on her, including 3 majors. The first weekend out with me, she was WB at Stone City Kennel Club  for 2 points to finish her Championship. Ula has been specialed selectively to her Grand Championship and will begin obedience work at a later date. Ula has great drive and is always up for something new! We look forward to Ula doing some great things in the breed and obedience rings in the coming year after her maternity leave, which will be coming later this summer. 🙂

Ula’s win record since coming to Chicago..

Her first weekend out with me – October 2012 – Stone City Kennel Club – WB, 2 points to finish her championship under Judge Professor Douglas C Taylor (Paul put 13 points on Ula with 3 majors prior to coming to Chicago)

Ula and I entered a couple of shows in December, one very local to which we showed when there were no points in bitches just for practice, and one day in Belleville during a large entry of specials. We got out our feet wet, and then for our first real weekend out…

January 2013 – Land O’Lakes Kennel Club in St. Paul – BOS for a 4 pt major over 4 bitch specials. Thank you Judge Shelley Hennessy for this exciting win during the weekend of a supported entry!

February 2013 – International Kennel Club Dog show in Chicago – BOS for 2 points under judge Eric J. Ringle

March 30, 2013 – Clinton Iowa Kennel Club – BOS under Judge Sandra King for a 3 pt major

March 31st 2013 – Clinton Iowa Kennel Club – Select under Virgina Lynne for a 3 point major

April 7th 2013 – Kennel Club of Yorkville – Select under Judge Lawrence Stanbridge for 2 pts

April 13th 2013 – Steel City Kennel Club – Select under Judge Linda C. More for a 3 point major

May 24th 2013 – Holland Michigan Kennel Club – BOB over a special for a 4 point major! Thank you Judge Terry DiPietro for this exciting win!

May 26th  2013 – Kalamazoo Kennel Club – Select over 3 bitch specials for a 3 point major under Judge Linda Galphin – **Handled by Jill Raugh – thank you Jill! 🙂

June 2nd 2013 – Fox River Valley Kennel Club – BOS for 1 pt to finish her GCH under Judge Garry Newton!

I LOVE this girl. She has been a joy to show and live with and I am looking forward to breeding her late summer/early fall. Updates will be posted as she continues her success in the breed ring and moving on to other ventures.

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