Ch. Stormridge Dunes National Forest

Am GCH CH/Can CH/ Int CH. Aurigan Dunes National Treasure, HCTs
Int Ch. C-Myste Baledwr Let Freedom Ring

Thank you so much to Yolanda Loveland for allowing Timber to come to Chicago! 

Timber is DM clear, PRA clear through parentage, fluff carrier and pink free.

OFA prelim “Fair”

You can view Timber’s pedigree here: http://www.cardiped.net/details.php?id=85631



Timber’s wins 2014:

1/5/2014 Land O’ Lakes Kennel Club- Judge Joe Lobb – WD for 1 pt

1/25/14 – Park Shore Kennel Club – Judge Stephen Dainard – RWD to a 3 pt major

2/15/2014 – Cyclone Country Kennel Club – Judge Danelle Brown – RWD to a 5 pt major (handled by Emily Banaszak)

2/16/2014 – Cyclone Country Kennel Club –  Judge David Bolus – RWD to a 5 pt major (handled by Emily Banaszak)

3/29/14 – Clinton Iowa KC – Judge James Frederiksen – WD for a 5 pt major! (handled by Emily Banaszak)

3/30/14 – Clinton Iowa KC – Judge Cindy Meyer – RWD to a 5 pt major

5/2/14 – Badger KC – Judge Peggy Beisel-Mcllwaine – WD/BOW/BOS for a 3 pt major!

5/3/14 – Janesville KC – Judge Pat Hastings – WD/BOW for 2 pts (handled by Emily Banaszak)

5/4/14 – Badger KC – Judge June Penta – WD for 2 pts (handled by Emily Banaszak)

5/11/14 – Scott County KC – Judge Robert Shreve – RWD to a 3 pt major (handled by Emily Banaszak)

5/24/14 – Grand Rapids KC – Judge Sheila Polk – WD for 2 points to finish! (handled by Emily Banaszak)

Timber was either WD or RWD every day he has shown with the exception of just 2 days. He finished in just a handful of weekends, and I am really looking forward to specialing him when he matures a little more. Timber also has 4 Canadian points, but I’m not sure when we will get up there to finish his Canadian Ch! Timber will be starting his animal assisted therapy dog training session this fall.

A baby Timber! 🙂

(Photos borrowed from Yolanda’s website at: http://dunecardigans.wordpress.com/)

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