2019 Litters

Due January 25th!

Applications are being accepted at this time.



6 Responses to 2019 Litters

  1. Mary Leccesi says:

    Looking for a pet quality male brindle or blue merle. What are your prices, available puppy dates?

    • This Book is a Movie says:

      My puppies will be ready to go their new homes after 8 weeks, so they will be ready towards the end of April. Please fill out an application on our site if you are interested in a puppy. 🙂

  2. Cheryl says:

    Looking for an adult female who needs to be rehomed. We have had several Pembrokes and one Cardigan (our last). We are sold on Cardigans now. Open to a pup, but would prefer to adopt an adult. Do you or anyone in your network have one to rehome?

    • This Book is a Movie says:

      Hi Cheryl,

      I do have an adult female I am looking to rehome. Could you please fill out any application on the site and I can give you some additional information?


  3. Veronica says:

    Hi am
    Looking for a pet corgi was wondering if you will have any available? And your price and location?

    • This Book is a Movie says:

      I do have two available – I am located in Illinois. Please see my post of Available dogs and fill out an application if interested. 🙂

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