Wonderful Adult Cardigan Available

After many months of debating, rationalizing, and hoping things would change.. they have not. Ula and Dory are the two adult girls in my home, and for quite some time now they have not gotten along. Ula is a very dominant female dog.. and frankly, well, Dory was here first, so it’s been hard for them, particularly over the past year. Ula has become the love of my son’s life, and I cannot deprive him of that, so I have decided in the best interest of Dory, it is time to find her retirement home.

Four years old isn’t very young to retire, so I suppose Dory will be retiring to do more exciting things. I’ve done obedience work with her, so that I could do therapy dog work with her. She is phenomenal at therapy work, and very intuitive. She has never met at stranger. Dory is my first champion, my first grand champion, and my first therapy dog. She is the mother of three lovely litters, and that is plenty of litters for her.

Dory is seeking a home that is within driving distance of Chicago (4-5 hours or less). I would like to be able to meet her family and visit to see if Dory takes to you and your home. Dory is UTD on all her vaccinations (and we follow the Dr. Dodd’s protocols), and she will be spayed when her body has recovered fully from her litter. Her puppies are 7.5 weeks old at this time. Dory loves to run the trails around here in the summer, and then lay on my slippers when I’m reading or working at my desk. Dory would excel in a home interested in doing obedience work, or potentially agility work. She is athletic, and wants to do things that make you happy.

Dory would do best in a home with no other dogs or a male dog. Dory has never had any issues with any other female dogs besides Ula, but since I have to give up my heart dog, I want to make sure she will be in a home that won’t have a chance of having an alpha girl there that might have a problem with Dory. Dory also doesn’t seem to mind cats. She’s pretty cool with most things.

If you are interested in my sweet, special girl, please fill out my puppy application and also send me an email at annekowalczyk@me.com and just let me know why you would specifically be interested in Dory and also what kind of questions you might have.

About Nurse for Wear

I am a Pediatric Nurse, and Clinical Assistant Professor in Chicago. My areas of interest in research are ADHD in pediatric patients and postpartum depression. I am a mother of 3, and by nature, I am an advocate. My hobbies include reading, copious amounts of laundry and successfully doing things people told me I would be able to accomplish.
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3 Responses to Wonderful Adult Cardigan Available

  1. Jennifer telfor says:

    Wondering if Dory is still available for adoption.

  2. Ryan Dusthimer says:

    I am very interested in adopting Dory if she is still in need of a home. Please contact me 224-280-6859

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