7 Week Old Puppy Photos/Pupdate

On Sunday I packed 9 puppies, 1 Timber and 1 Oliver in the car and we drove to Kim Hockstetler’s house in Michigan where Jill Rauh met us to go through the Volhard temperament testing with each puppy. I am so pleased and impressed with these puppies. They are going to do so well in their new homes. And as a major bonus, they had no accidents in the crate during out 2.5 hour drive there and back, and no accidents in the house. They all pottied outside for the first time. Starting the litter training at 3.5 weeks seems to have really helped, so I’m hoping they continue with this excellent behavior!

Since I am incredibly tired from the past two days, I just did candids of the puppies. Maybe I will do stacked photos later in the week. I’m very happy with all the homes that the puppies will be going to, and I can’t believe they will start leaving on Monday.

This is our “keeper” from this litter. “Yancy”, Ataraxis Like A Boss. Meko is also staying with us for now and we’ll see how she grows.

Yancy, 7 weeks today.

Yancy, 7 weeks today.

SAM_0718 SAM_0720

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