Onwards and Upwards!

So, the middle of a busy quarter of critical care and community health is not particularly conducive to getting to too many dog shows, BUT, I was able to get Timber up to Jefferson, WI this weekend. Josh and I loaded up the van with children and dogs, and headed North. It was a chilly day in a chilly building, but I got to see some of my favorite cardigan peeps! We were smashed into a little space, but it was fun. I showed Eva — my first bred-by show!! — and she dragged me around the ring like a little ball of energy. It was super cute. No ribbons for her, but it was really cute to see her have a good experience at her first show.

Timber was a pretty good boy this weekend! On Friday he was WD/BOW/BOS over a special, which turned that two points into a major. I got to show him myself that day, it was kind of really cool! On Saturday, Emily Banaszak handled him to another WD/BOW win for 2 points, and finally Sunday he was WD for Emily for another 2 points. I was super proud of them, and so thankful to Emily for taking such good care of Timber. 🙂 He now just needs two singles to finish his Ch.

In other Timber related news, when I had a free moment this evening I listened to TimberXDory baby heartbeats on the doppler. I’m starting to get all my supplies in order since she is due coming up on May 29th. It’s going to be busy, but I’m really happy everything is going well with Dory’s pregnancy so far. Super excited for the little babies. I haven’t had time to think of a “theme” for the litter yet – currently accepting ideas! School is keeping my brain on track, so I haven’t been able to get creative yet!!

Ula will be starting her AAT classes this week since Dory is preg, and well, “out-of-service”. Ula seems to REALLY love not just my kiddos as evidenced by her joyous experience at Oliver’s t-ball game last week. Looking forward to doing a reading program with her when she is done with classes. 🙂 Fun stuff! Week 6 in the quarter, so only 4 weeks to go after this week. Bring it on!

About Nurse for Wear

I am a Pediatric Nurse, and Clinical Assistant Professor in Chicago. My areas of interest in research are ADHD in pediatric patients and postpartum depression. I am a mother of 3, and by nature, I am an advocate. My hobbies include reading, copious amounts of laundry and successfully doing things people told me I would be able to accomplish.
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