Puppy Time for Dory!!!

Today was exciting!!! Dory was confirmed pregnant via ultrasound, and I am really happy to be expecting babies at the end of May.

After seeing how Dory’s puppies from her first litter have matured, I knew a little more what I wanted for Dory. I liked a lot about her first litter. Dory was on lease for her first litter while I was beginning nursing school, and so she was not with me while she was pregnant and whelped.

Dory is a very moderate bitch overall. She has done well for me in every aspect. She is my first finished champion, my first class bitch to win BOB multiple times over specials, my first therapy dog, and there is so much that just I love about her! She has drive, confidence, and lovely structure and type. I wanted a special dog for Dory that would suit her well.

Timber has lovely bone, an excellent, masculine head, good length, lovely angles and moves nicely. I am hoping for a litter with a little more length than what Dory has, a little more bone, lovely heads, a bit more substance, and overall good type. Dory is heavily line bred on Cornerstone and Raglan dogs, so nearly anything outside of that line is an outcross. As far as pedigrees, since I was a little girl of 10 years old, I have LOVED Phi-Vestavia dogs. Timber’s pedigree contains several lovely Phi-Vestavia dogs as well as Shelley Camm’s Hunter who I have liked so very much. Timber’s sire is Yolanda Loveland’s handsome and stunning Hunter. The pedigree has an interesting mix of many dogs that I really love, so I’m very interested to see what this pedigree produces, after seeing what the ChaseXDory litter produced (Timber’s dam is Chase’s sister).

As far as health testing, Dory is CERF normal, OFA Fair, PRA clear, and a DM carrier. Timber is PRA clear, OFA prelim’d Fair and DM clear.

Dory will be 4 years old already this August, and one thing I have wanted is a puppy out of Dory to move forward with from the right dog. Timber has also many of the things I want to see in moving forward with a breeding program, and am really looking forward to see what this breeding produces. I’m hoping and crossing my fingers that all goes well for a healthy whelping for my sweet Dory girl. I am forever grateful to Amy Hill and Yolanda Loveland for letting Dory and Timber hop their flights to Chicago. 🙂

Link to TimberxDory Pedigree

Ultrasound Video



Stormridge Dunes National Forest (major pointed)








GCH Raglans Just Keep Swimming CGC



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