Just a little bit of stuff going on.

It’s been a long time since I updated the blog. All of Ula’s puppies had wonderful homes waiting for them, and Eva (Ataraxis Diva in the White City) stayed here with us. Harrison (Ataraxis Madness at the Fair) is owned and loved by Melissa Klingerman and her family, and co-owned with myself. I’m looking forward to seeing how they grow and change. Eva is the first puppy that I have ever had from the very beginning of her life, and there is something kind of cool and special about. 🙂

We went to St. Paul in January, where Timber picked up his first point and Dory picked up two GCH majors and competition wins, finishing her GCH at the end of January in Grayslake. Since then, it’s been being very busy with Nursing school (only two quarters left now!), work and trying to keep it all rolling. Halfway through the summer last year, I still felt really good and energized. A year into nursing school, I am tired. Sleeping is the new black, and I wake up after dreaming of spring days long forgotten. It seems as though it’s been cold for as long as I can remember, or it feels that way at least. I’ve never worn a winter jacket as much as I have this year, and even though Timber ate the buttons off my Uggs, I still wear them almost every day. In March. 


More AAT for Dory this spring, and hopefully starting Ula the spring as well. We’ll probably be at a few shows this summer with Timber and Eva, but other than that it’s going to be a big focus on finishing nursing school. Critical Care and Community clinicals start next week and my summer internship is at the hospital I’ve dreamed of working at since I started this journey, on the unit that would be my first choice over anything else in the nursing field. The internship is proof  in my mind that the end (the beginning) is in sight, and I can’t wait! ❤



About Nurse for Wear

I am a Pediatric Nurse, and Clinical Assistant Professor in Chicago. My areas of interest in research are ADHD in pediatric patients and postpartum depression. I am a mother of 3, and by nature, I am an advocate. My hobbies include reading, copious amounts of laundry and successfully doing things people told me I would be able to accomplish.
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