Ula’s Ultrasound/Kenna’s New Home!

Last Friday I drove Ula to Wingate Animal Clinic in Maple Grove for her Ultrasound at 38 days post ovulation. Squee! Ultrasounds are always exciting to me. They were exciting when I got to see my children on the screen, and it is exciting to see the puppies too! Just to see the little movements and the life that is going on in there is amazing to me.

Veterinarian Margaret Rogers saw four puppies right away when she put the wand on Ula’s tummy. She then moved down her tummy, and saw four more puppies. Technically, since you cannot have more than four on a screen at one time, an ultrasound is not an accurate count. But, based on what she saw, and the size of Ula, her guess was at least 6-8. We’ll schedule the x-ray for her a few days before her whelp date, so we can get an accurate count on the beebies. So far Ula is doing great, and growing daily. Yikes!

In other news, Kenna has found a lovely new home! I am so thankful for the people who helped me look for a home for her and post for her. Kenna was going to go to a new home in June when her leg broke, so plans changed, and she stayed to mend. More than once I thought about keeping her! She is really a lovely dog, and will make her new owners very happy. Kenna has a lot of personality and drive, and I knew she needed a home that would be perfect for her. She has found it. 🙂

About Nurse for Wear

I am a Pediatric Nurse, and Clinical Assistant Professor in Chicago. My areas of interest in research are ADHD in pediatric patients and postpartum depression. I am a mother of 3, and by nature, I am an advocate. My hobbies include reading, copious amounts of laundry and successfully doing things people told me I would be able to accomplish.
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